19 Nov 2019

My district 91: increased as members and awards

In Europe, my district, 91 so far first in new members, and new clubs.

As awards, also a good increase from last year.

Just got these in my newsletter to leaders.

There is also, again a contest between clubs, for who gets most Pathways awards.

My club was near top, last year, how it is faring now? I went to see and discover.

For the DCP points, I did contribute with a Level 5 and a level 1.

All our committee is on pathways. But we have 5 new members, who are not yet. We will have to work now on that. We also need more awards declared.

12 point for the moment, for my club in London, multiplied by 2 - all officers enrolled. Alas, our 5 last newest members not yet. Tomorrow, I hope to remedy that.

Open Leadership Central: if club officer, you can then go to the Club central.

Went to see in club central how my club fared so far. We got 9 new members since End June, but 5 of them are not yet on Pathways, the last ones. All committee members are enrolled on Pathways, but no more all members. Perhaps, need to declare soon more.

I choose Lewisham Speakers Club, then went to the Club Roaster first. 20 members, Went to look at our DCP points. We got 1 Level 5 (mine) and 2 Level 1 so far. More to declare soon!

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