17 Nov 2019

For a brand new to Pathways

So many details not clear and may go wrong for someone NEW to Pathways! 

Yesterday, I had a coaching (mentoring?) with a new member. She was lost in the Transcript mode because she clicked on the Project Name instead of the MIDDLE of the Launch button. Or to arrow down and asked to know details... Nor of them ok. 

Once we get USED to click on middle of brown buttons, we do not think any more. 

But so many places and movements, we can get lost, before!

Here is one of my for Active Paths that I work now, this one is the last. And yes, beside that I wanted, needed to research on Diabetes2, as I was diagnosed with it recently, also wanted to see if I may do any project beside Icebreaker at the beginning. As not so long ago, for more then two years, till we did not finish Icebreaker, we could not even Activate any other path (they are called Curriculum). 

Now, we can. Begin with any project from any level. Of course, till we did not finish all projects from a Level, we can not get recognized that we were awarded that level, in Basecamp. At Club Awards level, we can only declare Level by Level. From one to five, in order. They are still not connected at all. 

In above picture, it is also shown, how to Logout from Basecamp. We remain still logged in to TMI, and as I did this morning, can for example, in Welcome Julie! my profile, lookout for my Education Awards. I just received one at the Division Contest, I did not attend, for having finished a Path and attributed it to my London club from that Division H. Last year was SR level 5, this year TC level 5: for which one was it? 

Tomorrow, I will describe all the points where we had to clear confusions with Carla, a new Toastmaster, very eager to learn. We worked through Zoom, sometimes, she showed me her screen, other times me, mine. 

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