4 Nov 2019

Different paths and projects, we can return and revisit again

All this paths are in London, and I went to all of them with my camera.

From the Base Camp of Pathways, you can reach different paths. Some, I did archive, some the system consider "done" and can be retrieved when needed from Completed, and others are still Active.

When I finished Visionary Communication, the first path I completed, I was stunned: the path was no more visible in "My Education Transcript"!

But then I found out how to retrieve, look, save, print, any of it's projects.

When I open the Completed, I can still select between Path and Projects by type or by title.

Those are by Type, my two completed path that I can retrieve at any time.

I did sometimes, "ask back Visionary Communication" to read and save a project I did not elect, but needed for another path or other project to study. The materials of all projects are still there for us. TMI does not "take them back" once we finished them.
From the level 4 of Visionary Communication, I did finish these 3 projects.  Only one counted: so what? I learned and did the projects.

Managed many Online Meetings, one specially using Pathways suggestions. And today, I needed to read again the Manage Projects Successfully, that was not even Activated (ever read from this path) and I begun to read it, saved it also to my computer.

All those wonderful projects we can read and study and re-read again!
--- Originally published 2 years ago, 10 November --- Good to know, all that is here.

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