7 Nov 2019

Without login, road to THE Navigator through "Pathways"

THE Navigator is the first place to visit, for a new member. At least, that is what I try out now with her, till we see each other next week.

I have send her also two PDF, one showing a page for each path with Required on left and Elective Projects on right. The second, pictures by Mark Show of details of each level Projects.

Yesterday, visionary communication path first project I spoke from in our Lewisham club.They also told me that they liked explain the Levels, through Video game levels.

It was a surprise for me, that I was allowed to tackle the Research and Present, before I did Icebreaker!

When I begun March 2017, one could not go farther, till finishing icebreaker was not recognized.

I had a mentor come to my computer, from Toronto, to show me how it is done and discover that I did not answer to ALL self assessment after questions. Because used the flèche to go farther I stead of Next, soI did not answer all.

Here are a few of the written comments from visitors and new toastmasters.

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