25 Nov 2019

Feedback on my story : Level 1 project 2, 2nd speech

This video is a round table evaluation of my story, from childhood. Alas, the story was not recorded. I was supposed to record it myself, but was not told so. After only I realized it was not recorded.
Apply what you were told. Put the feedback in the same or another story.
I was told to go directly begin. And to round up, telling something of applying it later. Did.

Here is a picture of participants. This picture taken while someone else was speaking. No more crossed arm while I told my story...

Bellow is the feedback given upon which I tried to improve.
As for pathways, it is the second speech from the Feedback and Evaluation Project. Derrick, will send me written evaluation. Here are very short and very different feedback: it is great to repeat a speech and also great to have so different points of view. Otherwise, I really enjoyed at the reaction of all of them while I told my story. Yesterday, I also told my story to my two adolescent grandchildren who were visiting me.

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