8 Nov 2019

Meetups: The Artists Way

There are thousands Meetups one can attend, I discovered 11 years ago, as I arrived to London, July 2008. 

The first two Meetups I attended, because of my photographer pal, were: Street Photography and then, one he lead for three month Artists Way. 

The book “the Artist’s Way”, by Julia Cameron, a course to discovering and recovering your creative self. I learned, understood then used a lot from her book and our workshop, in which, week after week, we discussed our experience. 

Most important was that I discovered not to put myself in a box. 

I am not just a blogger.
I am not just a photographer.
I am not only storyteller.

I do not have (even if I was at that time) a recognized writer: I just have to write, blog, take photos. And I can do all of those at the same time. 

Also learned about “synchronicity” and “filling the well”.

Synchronicity: make your first step, be courageous and “the univers will reward you”. Helps will arrive, doors will be open around you. In bible it is written thus: Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened to you”. 

Filling the our creative well. Sometimes we do not see the next steps, are tired. We should go out and “fill” experience something new. A visite to a shop we never went. Touching, looking, experiencing. We come back to our creativity work reinvigorated. 

As she proposed, I wrote, for six month or more, my three morning pages. Let come out what arrived. Only after a few month looking back, I realized how much it helped me. At that time, it helped me realize: I need connection. More and nearer as I had lately. 

That is how I found, end December my first Toastmasters club in London, then the other clubs. I found my tribe. 

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