13 Sep 2019

All projects from all levels can be seen now

I am still in level 1 but can see all projects of my path. We still will advance Level by Level. I believed, we can not go farther, till we do not finish the Level Before, in Basecamp. No more true.
But still going level by level? I am not yet in Level 2 as I did not finish Evaluating in Level 1, IP
Indeed, I can see open save etc even the other levels now! Here level 4 electives (most of them) from my level 4! Already a great progress. But there was more, I did not know, till later this morning, when I discovered the Pathways FAQ 30 and later,  giving more details and explaining.

Letter from TMI
"September 12, 2019

Dear Leaders,

You asked for it, and we are excited to announce a big change to the Pathways learning experience. Over the next few days, we will be opening access to projects in all levels in your paths!

Currently, members can only see the projects associated with the level they are on in their path. This change will allow members to view all projects in their current path. Please note that while you will be able to view all projects, the projects themselves have not changed and still build in complexity. While we are starting with English, we are working to extend this change to all languages we support for all online paths by the end of the month.

The process to approve levels has not changed. Each level will still need to be approved by a Base Camp manager, and approval of all five levels will allow members access to their final project: “Reflect on Your Path.” Once Level 5 has been approved, members can submit a request for their entire path to be approved by the Base Camp manager. As soon as that request is approved, the path will be complete.

Awards will still need to be submitted in Club Central. Path progress will still need to be submitted in order—for example, you will not be able to submit Level 2 completion before Level 1. As a reminder, progress in Base Camp will still need to be approved in Club Central to receive credit.

This update also comes with a revised Member Progress Report for Base Camp managers. The Individual Progress report will be updated to display all projects in progress or completed, by level. Instead of showing how many members are working in each level, this report will now show how many members are working in or have completed each project within a level. To see which members are in each project, simply select “View Details.”

Also, from Education Transcript, we can add External Training, Print, export and run Transcript Report. Not tested yet, there is suddenly so much new that has to be absorbed one by one. Will do it.

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