10 Sep 2019

Improved "Print Certificate" as BCM

choose the club, then click on the small box near it "Enter Basecamp as BCManager" then click on the Manager Tutorials, the third box. And then from there to the Level Completion. By clicking on the Level completion, the different tutorials appear.

Printing Certificates is the last tutorial. It can be launched or Requested, taken inside our basecamp as a project, to be there and opened any time we need it.
The tutorial begins and very fast shows and tells you the steps to perform. 
Going to Search and finding the member name. Click to the Transcript and find Training Details. 
Going to the Level you want to print, then Print the Certificate.

Well they say what you have to do, they show it
and here is the certificate

After Printing remember to logout as Basecamp manager, and login when you want to be as member, again.

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