23 Sep 2019

Which club is my BASE club?

In "my profile" there is a blue tile with "Go to Base camp" and, if in more then one club, the possibility to chose your present club. 

We decide our "base" and remain in that one, till we decide to change. In one hour or a month.

That is how it worked, before.

For about a week now, my base club reverts always to Lewisham, my club in London, D91. Even if I choose any of other - online - clubs, when I come back I find again "Lewisham".

What happens?

A new bug? 

Or a decision to propose always the districted clubs? 

I do know, that an award can be offered to any club on Club Central, even if I am not in it, but the Base Camp Manager seeing my path or my Level completed, is the one who figures here.

Is it so?

Anyone may offer me an advice, explain why and what happens? Or to whom ask at TMI for answers. Where to find the answer to this.

It seems it happens mostly, to me, not others.

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