28 Sep 2019

There are two path before me...

Where do we learn more, which is more interesting path, when they are two path before us? 

Will we willingly follow the most difficult? I am not sure. 

But we got more from it!

I told today a story - around my encounter with Brexit - and the surprises I had. Most going from worse to worse. 

At the end, getting out well. 

Also, how the bad surprises, were useful for me, how I finally needed those too, even if at the time, I resented, myself for not being careful enough and falling into problems. 

Instead of 7 minutes, it took a bit more then 8 as I added something at the beginning, and in fact not really had time to explain much at the end. I showed two pictures, and ended with a good end as a story should. Also, I decided to try and make a 20 minute keynote from the content of my personal story, about just what happened to me, most, in less then a week to yesterday. 

It is useful to tell a story many time, improve it, change it, subtract or add to it.

I am stuck in Level 2 of IP, speaking again about my Leadership style is next, me as Mentee or Protegee will be even more tough. The first time I realize, how wonderful is that I could jump to Level 3 Electives, before finishing Level 2.

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