25 Sep 2019

What is new in Pathways? Tuesday Talks and Tips n° 13

What is new in Pathways? A very interesting new episode of Tuesdays Talks and Tips, videos, organized by Michelle Alba-Lim, here with the help of three toastmasters.

George, Roger and Carole speak in this video only about the last new feature, each taking a different angle.

Also very interesting, all three use very well presenting slides but in a different way.

George Marshal introduce the last feature: opening of the Levels and Projects

Carole explains how we can Leap from Level to Level or Projects, and mostly why we would like to do so sometimes

I found Roger Fung's presentation specially interesting and his ideas how to use those new features useful. At the same time, he spoke about the Base Camp Manager problems, to track all down. I could not catch fast enough his slide, I liked most, how a club officers can take one problem, and each members do part of it using help of another Projects.

And here is, finally I did succeed to embed the whole video in this post!

I projected to do a Panel on the subject of New Features and still can do, in one of my clubs. Many other new features we got this year, and this last one has also to be explained. https://youtu.be/ic7fVa5rCOM

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