6 Sep 2019

Path: English OR French, not same path.

From the profile, (Welcome, Julie!) I choose my club. Then click on the middle "Choose a path". 

First, I have to determine the language, for TMI an English Path is different from a French Path. You have the possibility to buy both, 20 dollar more for the second one, or use only one of them, and give speeches in whatever language you want for any of the projects, of course, the audience has to understand you and approve that you speak that language.

Once I choose my Club and English (as language) and click on Choose the Path, there is Basecamp (choose that) or Printed Path choice. Choose Base camp, then click, and Take Assessment appears. 

Under the Assessment and Start there is : SKIP Assessment. If you click on Skip, all path appear, and you can click on the one you want now. 

After choosing, of course, you pay for it (if you already had your first path) 20 dollars. As soon as you paid, but maximum 3 - 5 minutes, the path appears in your basecamp. Activate, Launch Curriculum - strange name for the path. 

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