26 Sep 2019

Paths and Personal Stories

Pins of my to preferred paths, I got when I did not yet finish the Humor. Now, I will have to order myself the third one.

Why are those the "beloved" one's from all my finished paths?

Visionary Communication, was my first, and still most memorable. As I wrote already elsewhere, I am still continuing today on the way I started then, making pathways known and discovering, researching it deeper, while on other paths.

Leadership Development, is about creating Events, bigger and bigger one's and was the path that made me understand that I can give a path a Personal Goal and use it all along. As my event was a joint Online and Onsite Storytelling event, I dedicated the path to the Importance of Personal Storytelling. Each project, somewhat linked to it, expressing it.

Continuing telling personal stories, we can all learn from them. 

Overcoming difficulties, roadblocks, how to deal best with what arrives and, also, how to learn and look at them "what Learned" or even "what was good of it", are all that stories are about. 

Saturday, I was at City Hall, near the Bridge Tower in London, got some help I perhaps will need, and went, without problems with two busses. One that departs near me, the other, I found through Google Maps.

Yes, but big mistake! did not look up the road back! Just assumed, the same as going. 

I was wrong. 

It took me to a huge street, where no but station to be found. With my bad leg(s) had to walk and walk and walk! A lot more then I usually do. When I finally found a bus station, between the two, my bus was not on there! More walk. 

The good from it? My leg took me all that way, and barely hurt the next day. I learned, if needed, I can do it!

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