21 Sep 2019

The story of my outing

The Heath, platform of Blackheath, all burned up from lack of rain.

I did not miss the rain... the grass did. Fall begins, and the leaves of the tree near me slowly turn yellow.

About 30 minutes to the next bus, that arrives in 4 minutes, and lets me down just before the Tower bridge.

Not easy, but find the stairs that let me from there down not so far from the city hall I am going.

Tower bridge, London is beautiful, from every angle.

I find the steps down, just before going on the bridge.

Then walk to the river, and then to the town hall.

As an "old lady" with a cane, which I took with me, they let me in without queuing.


Inside, does not feel the festival as I believed, but they are some interesting activities, room by room.

Get some lunch, in a cafetaria, different foods from Spain and Italy mostly.

Go inside the room where I get advice on Brexit, from pro-bono lawyer and another community adviser. Good advices and telephone numbers too.

I depart, and go out, alas without consulting which buses take me home. I do know!

Well, no.

I should have taken another bus to "my bus" that I do know, as the route there and back is not same.

Have to walk and walk and walk to find finally a bus station, and it is warmer and warmer too.

Good news: I could do it.

Now home, and also learned it is better not to fail sometimes.
I have now new stories to tell, so... and I did arrive, even if tired, home.

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