12 Sep 2019

Be more specific! Give more examples!

This morning, I told my story from the Research and Presenting, Level 1 - and in order to tell a story went back to my vacation and how I become, more ill there. Back to London, as the doctor prescribed me medicine that was not available, I begun to search Google, and learn better, how it has to be searched.

I was not enough specific, as I hesitated to tell what they found, and what I found... finally on Amazon. Yes, one day I will tell even that and what happened, for now I am not ready.

I went back to where I was born, and to the city I grew up, with my daughter (from Maryland now) and my son who arrived from Paris (and after a few days in Sicily) and my two grandchildren who came with me from London.

We met 25 others from family from Romania, Germany, France and England.

I ate something, I really should not have. Was very ill, still recovering. Now, I begun to search google, learn more about how to do it.

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