24 Sep 2019

Paths to work on

I arrived now at Level 2 of the Innovative Planning, after finishing with pleasure, perhaps the 11th time the first level. Indeed, I never get enough of it!

Not the same with Level 2: what to tell, the nth time about me as Mentee? 

At the Motivation Strategies I did finish the Level 3 and Level 4, with all the Electives done in them. Well, in the 4th, I begun but did not finish the Podcast. All the other projects, done. The last one will be Manage Successful Project, then Motivate Others.

Will not do the same with Level 5, only a few electives of it I like and will work on. First the Required at the beginning, then probably the Panel, I always loved conducting or being in a Panel. 

Leadership Development, in French, is second time I do the LD path. This time alone. This time I hoped some projects may be done in French, but only very few did I succeed in that language, for the rest, they well done in English. I arrived at Level 5: Manage Successful Event. I have to find the event! 

Truth? for the moment, I feel like waiting. Done to many projects lately, and do not feel so much to create this time again and again a team to... do something. 

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