16 Sep 2019

Reflection recognized, path still refused: why?

Sometimes, destiny or glitches know better then us: they come to help even if we think they are against us. For me, it gave me more insight in how Levels will work from now on, and why there is something after the 5 Levels.

Here is my Reflect on Your Path, I could complete yesterday, as a speaker did not come. I got a great feedback. Good pauses, Speech from heart, great topic (Ah, the audience!), use of what happened in the meeting just before at the beginning almost that drew audience in, learned from experience). The advice was that I could have used again and more the present audience.
The project was finally recognized, x near it, but the Path Completion Active did not work. Why?

Finally as I realized, something is amiss, I went back to see all my levels. Strange! It seems as if the Level 4 completion was not recognized! The Level 5 completion was ok, and I got a Certificate, but not the Level 4, which I did complete a while ago. I tried again, and again, and finally wrote to the Educationawards@toastmasters.org and they wrote me back "we will look at it". At my surprise, I got later another letter "your level 4 was approved" from the Basecamp mail.

Then finally, I could ask and have approved the Engaging Humor path completion. It seems, this happened also to someone else, I am sure, it will soon be corrected.
But now, I understand why the Path Completion is after all 5 Levels.

With the new method, we can not only do a Project or two beforehand, but finish a whole Level, before we finished - or perhaps even started - another. The Path completion, arriving at end, verifies that all Levels where completed. Then only the "Path Completion" opens and a Basecamp manager can approve it, and we get the Proficiency certificate.
Ouf! I did enjoy the Engaging Humor path, but my goal to make laugh at each project was not easy to obtain. Sometimes it worked other times less. Mostly, I realized it was because of the difference in the audience culture, just as the Projects from this path explained to me. I learned to make different beginnings, ends, parts, improvise, and did not show - too much - when I expected laughter at a certain part and did not get it. I got more laughter, or at least huge smiles, as before.

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