13 Sep 2019

What is more, from today on?

I did not believe it, but it is in the Pathways FAQ. Go read them from number 30 on yourself.
Brenda published it, and I still had difficulty believing, till I did test.
And even these for Base Camp managers. I do not put more here, let me tell you how I tested the firsts.
I went to Level 2 of Innovative Planning, that I should have been not able to do till today, as I have one task to finish in 2 hours, Evaluate someone, to finish Level 1. Gone to Connect with your Audience that I did do in a big family meeting, the 17th of August in the town I was grown up. I had detailed feedback for the speech from my son's partner, and shorter from three others attending.

I was so sure, it will not be recognized! I clicked anyway Submit to the After Assessment and at first refresh, here it is what I found!

And indeed, here is Level 1 still waiting to finish. Even if in a few hours I will, still. Of course, as you see, the Completion I could not activate, till I did not finish all projects. My mind boggles at the discovery of all the new things we are facing now.

Still have to go and test all one by one, and also waiting for others yet to come.

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