1 Sep 2019

BCM or Member? One club or more?

Once we logged in TMI and opened our Profile (Welcome, Julie on my laptop) we see this now. If we are Base Camp Manager, President, VPE or Secretary). If not, there is not square in the Go to Basecamp blue square. If in more then one club, we can choose which one 'see' us.

Before, it was like this. This still exist. Here also we can choose our club, and log in as Base Camp manager or just Go to Base Camp. Be aware, when we enter as BCM, we have to exit and go back again as member to see our own paths.

For now, but not long time more as it will be improved, this is what we see as we enter Basecamp. Usually, we go direct in the second square : Education Transcript (name from high education) in fact, what is now written under it, Access my path. 

In the red under them are the last paths you accessed. I do not use it often. As to the pictures in top, they do not serve and very soon, we will have a modernized entry and basecamp! Maximum, end September, it was promised. 

That is what we see when we enter as Basecamp manager. We use most of the time the Pending Request, to approve a Level Completion in Basecamp, so a member can continue. 

Even if the Tutorials are good, the Survey of Members Progress is still a pain, with squares and choices appearing when we click in the good place.
I usually stick to Pending Request, nowadays, unless I have many members only in one club (as we can see only those who currently choose ours) even if at the beginning I went to learn, looked at tutorials and then printed some members progress. 

The pending request is straight, a Green v for Approving a Red round for not. And a text we can send with them explaining our choice. Strangely, BCM can approve their own Level completion - in the basecamp. Not in the Club Central, when any Committee member can add their level. The Level Award is a two way process, separate for basecamp and separate for Club Central.

We arrive to club central, outside Basecamp, through Leadership Central. In my case, I am BCM for three clubs I belong, Secretary. Those are the clubs, I can add an award - for someone else then me.
Submitting an Education Award is easy, Selecting first the Member, then the Education Program. In case of Pathways, only have to select the Award, no date or title required nor Projects.

That is for today. I know, that I have those in my blog already, here and there, but I see toastmasters, new and old members asking about them. 

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