4 May 2017

A blog for Pathways? No, about my experience of it.

I have been Pathways Ambassador for more then a year and went to my designated clubs to tell them: "REP is coming!" later when the title of the future education program changed "Pathways will come and change, modernising our way to go through Toastmasters Educational Program"!

Sometimes, when too many guests and newcomers were present, instead of speaking of the new, I just did speak about the very old days first, Ralph Smedlay Basic Training in hand, then on different smaller changes leading to the actual with the CC manual (and CL) and other advanced possible later. Then, go and explain the first six or seven main Projects from the CC manual.

When I finished my first CC in London, in 2009 winter, I opened a blog called Competent Communicator, and from then on, tried to put on what I did and what great speech I found. I become Storyteller on Stage, outside Toastmasters then helped others to realise, they can do too. A year later, stunned, I got into Standup Comedy at age of 77! Me who was convinced, I have not one funny bone!

Toastmasters can lead to so many different places and paths!

After going all the way to become D.T.M, in 2013, meaning finishing the educational program once and almost again going till Advanced Education Gold, I desired for a new challenge. I desired to learn new ways. Pathways seemed to me so long to arrive!

It seems coming now nearer and nearer us.

I decided today to open this blog to speak about my Pathways discoveries. There will be not "official views" but my own, together with the joys and the frustrations to discovery of new paths.

I am an early adapter and do know what means grows problems! When I discovered Blogspot, we still needed to use HTML to format the text and could not add images other then going through places as Flickr! No way yet to add videos either. We got so much more from that time!

This is my first post in my Pathways blog, yes it will be leaving on the net thanks to Google who does offer us free blogs to create and have our voice.

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Julie Kertesz said...

Soon six month anniversary of this blog.
Of my discoveries and experiences.
Thank all who discovered and follow !

Please do not hesitate to comment.
I now, succeeded to make all the comments come also in my email, so will be able to andpswe more easy.