23 May 2017

Communicating an Event : Pathways Discovery

Communication plan? Together with the team from Witty Storytellers, each of us doing what she knows best. Here is an "poster" by Michelle, our VP PR.

And here is a text, from Witty Storytellers Online President:

"Our next meeting is on 25 May 2017 @6 am London time
Time conversion link: https://goo.gl/m6Ljza

We are fast approaching one of the milestone meetings organized by our own 'Pathfinder' Julie Kertesz, VPE, Pathways Ambassador of D91 from 2015. She plunged into the unchartered waters of Pathways to lead the way and to help us to demystify Pathways and become also passionate about pursuing this new revitalised educational and leadership programme of Toastmasters.

We will hear from the horse's mouth (firsthand knowledge), from a constellation of speaker storytellers who have been put together in the agenda by the Toastmaster of the Meeting Julie Kertesz:

George Marshall, District 57 Statistician: Pathways: What’s in a Path?
Paul E. White, Chief D27 Ambassador: "Turn, turn, turn"
Victoria Ferrer, Candidate for ID: "The Long and Winding Road"
Brenda Faison, Pathways Guide D27: "Me, Guide?

Greeter: Misako Y. the winner of inter - online contest, who encouraged all of us to join the Pathways demystifying through her live video on Facebook. 

With many distinguished, advanced toastmasters contribute to spreading the word, to give feedback and make the event a success: all lifelong learners, team players and passionate storytellers.

See you all there,
Svetlana Rakhimova
Club President

Misako gave with courage her only second live Facebook video speech, even thanking me later that I encouraged her to do so.

I do believe, not the Communication plan or you creating it is the most important, but how you can involve many to make it happen. This even will happen with so many contributing to it, in just two days, it will be even "over". A recording will remain and lots of memories of team work.

Plus, a story I will have to tell. Again and again.

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