28 May 2017

As I am now at level 3

At level three of the Visionary Communication path, I had to complete a required Communication Plan task, I did, very soon I will give a speech about it. Then, show the two to my VPE base camp manager, to approve of it. Here is how my screen looks like.

After that I can chose two electives from many many interesting ones! Already begun to "shop" looked at many and decided on two or three. One for sure is Storytelling and I will try to make it better then usual, the other is a project so well described that I want to go through it again and again, Voice Variety.

Here are how some of my electives look now. Those I have already read through are with Launch, the ones I did not look yet are marked Activate. For sure, as I am curious, I will activate and go through all of them before going to level 4 but will give only the two required "electives" I have chosen.

I like to look ahead what I will do in the future, even when I am still doing what is for now, it is like a reward I will get. Not that I did not enjoy the required project, preparing it was exciting. I learned a lot and still continue to learn. I realised this morning, that some electives are inspired by the Successful Communication and Leadership series, augmented with videos and better explaining them.

In plus, I learned in a discussion on Facebook yesterday between a few toastmasters that the Toastmasters Headquarters are planning to add a lot more electives, both to level 3 and to level 4, and those probably to all the paths. Hurrah!

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