17 May 2017

"US" - Our Communication style?

Project 2 of Level 2 : What is your main Communication style. What is theirs?

So much depends on with whom you communicate! I learned it again. I did believe I found the "right story" to illustrate how I was confronted with different people that I had to will over. How I had to learn their language. Use it.

Witty Birds Beginners, Online club yesterday. Very world wide toastmasters present.

The Witty's president Svetlana, listened to me speaking from London, all the ways from Uzbekistan. Carlos from Columbia, Viviana here in the second row in the middle, gave me feedback from Malaysia and Fabienne signaled the time from Dutch Caribbeans. I could reach all of them, but it seems now that my communication style did not reach M from South Korea, she remained preoccupied by something else while I spoke. Later, when I asked her directly, did I realize, she had to read as she has problem of hearing: it was not because of my story. We do have to communicate with each other and do not get too fast a conclusion, indeed. Many lessons learned.

After the meeting, two guests asked to join the club. Wonderful! In plus, this 'adventure' also tells me that finding the others communication style and reaching to them is more difficult then I thought. Even more when the audience is so international and diverse!

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