26 May 2017

Pathways Discovery at Witty Storytellers

A superb meeting, here is the full video with all of George Marshall presentation "Pathway? What is in a Path?" and the Questions and Answers following it. He is the first pilot district's 57 chief guide, currently on level 4, on one of his path. All the way from California.

Then comes "Turn, turn, turn" about the different communication styles, by Paul White, from level 2: he is Chief Ambassador of the second pilot district. 27, from Virginia,

I had to cut there the video which is here, the 100 minutes were too heavy. The rest will be shown in another note.

Brenda Faison, one of Witty Storytellers Charter member is a Pathways Guide D27 "Me, a Guide?" told us about her experience from the other side: helping ten clubs VPE, Presidents and Secretary to "manage the base camp". Just before her, we listen to a Pathways style Icebreaker, all could try, Victoria Ferrer is not yet "on Pathways" but everyone can try it out from TMI website, and get a pathways style feedback too. So much more in this 100 minutes!

So many contributed to let it happen and to let it happen so well. I feel overwhelmed.

I want to thank Michelle whose observant eye sparked it then she passed the ball to me. Misako who dared a video add about our meeting. Michelle for her designing our add and Svetlana for writing about our meeting. All together, we succeeded to bringing us in all 30 participants. And letting spread the word farther. We had wonderful feedback from all participants.

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