30 May 2017

Julie 2017 05 28 at Firebirds, Samir wonderful listener!

Listening to this video is not easy (even if my vocal variety is great in it) because we hear it twice. Looking to it, shows that Samir, my evaluator remaining on screen is a wonderful listener, active listener: he helped me through the story I told.

Recording is important. After reviewing what I have done, I understand better what Samir told me in his feedback. I could have dropped the three minutes background and then I would not have been out of time. How important is the background? In any event, I could have condensed them to half minute maximum. So yes, feedback is very important as it is a recording of what we do. By ourselves, or by someone other. 

This recording was not done by me, but complements well the one, too large (whole screen) I have recorded this time, while I trusted wrongly Replay Video Recorder to take the window (and not as I usually take, a region). Region works better, but have to be all the time aware when the window size changes and "put it back in his place", which I knew could not do while concentrating on speaking.  But this one was done by me: the sound is ok, but all screen recorded. Ah! the technology! It does not do what we think, it does what we tell it to do.


Well, also shows all who do not know me, I am no more 70 as in my blog front picture. I still like to look at myself at that very happy moment of my life. Should I tell the story of it? "Never too late" story, already told on stage to the paying audience in Canal Café Theatre. But then, they were a wonderful audience loving stories with self revelation, ups and downs.

I could offer a new version of my story? Should I rather tell a part of the story of my "communication plan experience" next time, tell it shortly and really as a story not trying to push everything in it?

The horizon broadens before me, because of Pathways and its evaluations, and I love it!

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