27 May 2017

Team work? Synchronicity? Plan?

Tomorrow, I have to give a speech, hopefully mostly a story, about my experience as my "Communication Plan" got the result. I begun already a few days ago to think about it, but only after the event was over, very early Thursday morning, and went so well, could I gather my thoughts.

I am not a big planner. Why? I realised, so many of my careful plans, for which I devoted sometimes years, went wrong. Collapsed after many work. That is why I believe for myself at least more on going toward a goal, using intuition and the team around me.

My longtime goal was and still remains, to make Pathways known and loved.

My short time goal was to organise a meeting at the Witty Storytellers Online club, where I am the VP Education in charge with the Agenda and Programs.

A meeting that tells more about Pathways. How? When?

I begun to speak from Pathways projects, our team know I am interested. I made the first steps. Even opened this blog! Synchronicity means, when you make the first steps, others suddenly come to help! They did! They did!

Our VP PR Michelle, found a note from George Marshal, Chief Guide of first Pilot District 57 from California: "I am ready to give a presentation online". In a few minutes, she answered: "please give it at Witty Storytellers" Yes! She passed the ball to me, and while I already had an interview a few days later, after the interview we could settle on a date convenient for him. Time enough to prepare for his next project.

As soon as the date was set, Paul White, who already visited us, Chief Ambassador of the second Pilot District 27, volunteered: ready to give us a story too! Wonderful. Who else? Victoria Ferrer is not on Pathways yet, but could try out the free Icebreaker from TMI site. And, seeing all that, Brenda Lawrence, guide in D 27 and also our charter member, wrote me "I am ready to speak too, tell about how it is being a Guide."

The four complimented each other, all was to fit them all in the 1 ½ h meeting. No problem, took out all that was not absolutely necessary to be able to hear them.

The event was planned, now communicate about it.

Again, my team volunteered, Michelle with the great poster and it's diffusion; Svetlana with a description of the event, and Misako with a live video! All excited to contribute. Then, I published it not only in our "first target" our club's group and email as well as some known Pathway Chief Ambassadors, but also on our "second target" other friendly Online clubs and groups.

The rest? I left to spread "organically" and indeed, some invited their pals. Instead of 12 or 15 we were 30 at the event! Old members come to listen too and Manhal just off the plane recorded it during the night for him. Many of our members asked to contribute, give feedback, take roles. The excitement was there. As was the result.

Here from Google about "communication methods" this represents, push and pull. I pushed a bit at the beginning, a lot pulled or pushed back, working with us, wanting to be in, volunteering for different tasks we needed to do. Two way communication is always preferable, in my opinion to just one way. So effective, too.

I recorded the event, and yesterday, I decided to cut in pieces. That gives more importance to all. Uploaded, then added link in our club Facebook. From there on the feedback begin to come, without me having to ask for them. And those who could not come, regretted, but fast went to listen to the recording.

So, while it was more "jump to the opportunity, be flexible" then a long thought out plan, the event went wonderfully and it will be for a long time we will be remembered for it. Most important, once understood better, more will look forward it then fear it. So my long time goal looking great too.

What will go wrong? I do not know. But life did teach me not be get too high! So, I'll take what will come. Try to make best of it.

Sometimes, dreams realise, sometimes, plans if flexible enough got achieved, sometimes...

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