25 May 2017

Communication plan for Visionary Communication

Here are the tasks of my path, Visionary Communication. The first path I am going through, with joy and delight and lots of learning on the way. Also lots of learning experience.

Each title gives you more or less work, and it is worth not rushing it, learning, doing, reflecting. Even if usually is one task and a speech at the end, it is not so at level 1 where the title Evaluation and Feedback ask for three.

This level 1 task ask for three different tasks and times, and I loved it! Other tasks ask for writing a blog or a podcast, and not in a few minutes, then speaking shortly about the experience. The leadership and communication are linked with each other, as in life.

I am now at level 3 at "developing a communication plan" and if possible, executing the goal. After that speak about your plan and problems or about how the execution of it went. That was my event for me today, that 30 attended, and a lot of new from many continents.

Just a few words for now, we did succeed because it was a collaboration of a team from the start and many enthusiast knowledgable speakers and evaluators ready for Pathways Discovery meeting at the Witty Storytellers Online. Will tell "all" at least a bit about it tomorrow.

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