21 May 2017

Level 2 Visionary Communication completed

Thanks all who helped me to get this. Learned a lot with the three Level 2 projects. 
I understand now more about Communication Styles, Leadership Styles and difference between Mentors and Coaches. Also understood more about my preferred styles, and the flexibility needed depending on situation and others. 

Even if I do not like the special words, taken from the speciality, would have liked more plain English speaking, but they are finally, explained. For example, "Initiator" means loving to communicate with stories.
Of course, I had to understand better, research and read more books but I loved to discover them, study them. Understand different view of different people about the subjects. 

Opened my mind to other ways of expressions.
Yesterday, I stayed late to read then reflect on my Communication Plan for our next special Pathways Discovery meeting. I even woke up at three in middle of night to ponder about it. Tomorrow, You will be able to read those reflections. So yes, the new program is really useful for me. I dedicate many hours of my day to it.

The projects in the path, gave me a new bust of energy!

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Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

Hurrah! It can be well seen on iPhone too.
At least the posts. I chose a good template then. Thanks to blogger!