24 May 2017

I begun my Pathways journey two month ago

I found wonderful books about the transition process going inside us, Transitions, to understand better what is behind them, to think deeper about. The Transition process we are going on, from "old ways" still used by most and "new ways" many fear, how to prepare a smooth change, in an organization Managing Transition. Both books about the Transition process written by William Bridges, the second with his wife or daughter. 

Other books to learn about different projects jargon. Leading with Style, made me understood better not only the differences in leadership styles, but also the importance on leading, depending on the situation. As Communication, also depends on the one if face, not only on our own style. 

I did buy or try different other books, aie! No, I do not recommend those, so complicated! But I also found a few funny videos and images on the internet: Google man's best friend, this days, someone told. 

In two month, I finished Level 1 and Level 2 and I am now on the Level 3 with it's "Elective goodies", a choice of only two from twelve. After reading many of them, I did choose. One of them is Voice Variety, hence the poems book to read many times in different ways the same text. Second will be Connect with Storytelling, of course.

Tomorrow, very early, even late evening for some around the world, a special Pathways meeting in my online club. 

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