25 Sep 2017

A problem is just as big as...

That day I was so unhappy: I realised I lost my three front teeth denture. 

Indeed, later on I could make laugh from it and I did find a line: "Smiling with three front teeth missing is so cute! When you are 7 years old. Not at 77" It works.

But that day, when I realised I will have to wait, eat and speak without it for many days yet, I felt as if the world fall on me.

As I come out of the kitchen, where I prepared oatmeal and coffee, easy to eat, my eyes fall on the wall across the kitchen. The sun come in the window early morning and the vase's shadow was projected on the wall. A huge shadow!

The world brightened around me. Yes! That is what we do. We make a HUGE problem and make it so much bigger then it is in reality. 

Fast, took a few pictures, then decided in black and white is even more impressive and gave it an interesting boarder. This picture is still in front of my Flickr page, has been for a long long time. It is there to remind me not to make a problem bigger then it is.

It does not even speak of how wonderful can be when we shrink it instead, finding something good in it, something funny to tell about it, use it. Embrace it.

Today, under the front of my flickr main pageI just showed, there are these pictures. 

Three colourful pictures with me going out, coming home... from the doctor. GP General Practitioner that I avoided as long as we could. This time again, instead of helping me with my feet, knee and shoulder she send me to the hospital to X-rays. Here is the waiting room and the doors to the x-rays in the hospital, I took cab to go there, so no outside pictures. 

Instead a month, GP told, "you will have results in a week". I do hope, physio-therapy will improve a bit my feet, knee, even if it was described only for one and sometimes, both hurt. As for the shoulder, my doctor just shrugged. It did not hurt her. 

This morning, because I am left handed, again I reached to take my iPad, it hurt, I reached to take a cup. Well, then I did it going nearer, using right hand or not extending. Remembered again the flickr front : do not make too much of it.

I wanted to go into TMI and the website is down : a new region got Pathways? Celebrate that we have them with us, instead of complaining. With time, they will learn. In fact, it only means many do want to go Pathways - fast.

Preparing for tonight my speech in level 5 of Presentation Mastery: "Prepare to speak Professionally": I do not need feet, knee or shoulder for it. 

I need to prepare all day. Record, see the time it takes and rehearse

I do know the "area of my expertise" and I know the audience to whom i will speak. I do have great connection with my audience: I love them. The "huge" problem is which of the two stories to incorporate? I prepared a slide show presentation for one of my messages specific for the audience, and I can enlarge the scope to prove a point for the second, more general message. It will be soon, and I still hesitate which to give. 

Is it a big problem? No. As I close this blog post, I will tell myself both, then decide. Of course, I could offer tonight one and another time the other. Remember level 1 ? And tomorrow, tell you which and why I choose. 

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