23 Sep 2017

The difficulties let me grow through my life and last six month

Region 2 got Pathways this Monday! Great. We have now more knowledge, also in our Online Clubs, as our President of Witty Storytellers Online and Global Trainers Online is now a Guide. And me, VPE in one club and Sg Arms in other, towards the end of my second Path, begun a third one.

For Toastmasters of Region 2 and also the Region 14 who begun two month ago, let me remind you my Post a few days ago, about how to avoid some problems you may encounter for the moment. I am sure, with time, some will no more come between you and being delighted in the projects that Pathways offer us.

The difficulties let me grow. 

From anything "bad that happens something good will come" told me my great grandmother when I was 12 and she 92, here as young married.

My grand mother taught me determination, writing diary in the worst conditions too. 

My father, the third photo, did teach me persistence in face of difficulties. "Sing, when it is heavy to bear, sing at least inside you. And do not let others make you abandon what you have begun, do not let them win over you thus," he told me when I wanted to run away from a situation. 

As for my mother, she pushed me to love reading, studying and continuing to learn by myself. She was a lifelong learner, from the age 16 when her father took her out from the school "girls do not have to" even when she was best in her class. She never gave up learning, reading, studying.

And yes, that young girl is the one whom I was when my great grand mother Paula begun to tell me family stories, her life stories, finishing always "you see, Julika, from everything bad, something good came." 

From all that I did encounter along my first Path, and did not like, mostly from the user interface not understood at some time, something great come. 

Firstly, I had help. A Toastmaster, Trainer, now, also Guide, come and took over my computer. Matthew Kleinosky came, online, from Toronto to London and "unstuck" me showing how I have to answer to all questions of Self Assessments in order to close a project. Then, how to close a Level. My first level. Later, Matthew let me alone to find out understand. Then again, come to the Panel on Pathways I managed during the last Toastmaster Convention and Participated.

I feel I have to thank also Brian Dodd, to have pursued with such stubbornness search of learning about Pathways, and pointed to me that we could belong remote to a club. He become later, its President. And all the remote and pre-charter and chartered Online clubs, letting me give a Pathways speech from one of my projects and giving me feedback and evaluation. Every day of the week there is one or even two some days, I could attend from home.

My first club then President now VPE, in Great Communicators, Nathan, let me join, then become Secretary so I can experience Base Camp Management. Encouraged me to grow. So many wonderful people met through my Pathways journey!

Because what I learned when I had to overcome a problem, I am not able to help better others. I can train or explain or speak about it. Because I was let to grow, to experiment on my own from time to time, remembering persistence my father lesson. Because from time to time I was helped and other times pushed to learn by myself. 

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