29 Sep 2017

Books I read for Pathways Projects

I love books, I read a lot usually. Romance, autobiography, classics. And of course, lots of lots about story and storytelling, later about humour and standup comedy too. But all this books I did buy and read on my kindle or am reading them, because of different Projects in my Paths. 

Leading with style, to understand better the different leading styles. Even if at the end both the Toastmasters project and the book tell us: "All depends on the situation."

Transitions, internal and Managing Transitions for companies, so much wisdom, experience and easy to understand. Needs nevertheless more and more study. I begun it not only because the Visionary Communication is about change, but also as my Research project, last in level 1 was about Pathways combined with change. Indeed, a huge change for all of us : how one reacts to a change, what phases? How to... so many questions explained.

The Coaching habit was and still is for the Effective Coaching path, but... for the moment it is there waiting, as it is that path. 

How to moderate panel was well explained in the project, level 5, but this book does farther: of course lots lots more pages. Very easy to read, lots of practical advice. While I did finish it once, will read it again I am sure. As we progress, we understand differently.

I have, as i said, a lot of books about story and story telling and story writing, this taking Pixar as example is only the last I found. The beginning, free sample seemed interesting, so here it is, still waiting for me to study it. 

Writing 21 Century fiction was a surprise for me, from an Agent, Editor, Teacher, a new way of showing the huge importance of Emotional journey, Emotional Message in Story. In a book but it goes as much for any story. It is very much in tune with what we learn from Doug Lipman: each of us takes and digest it in different ways. Each have our own emotional journey as we read or hear a story. As the creator had when wrote it. As the Character we identify has too. 

How to put our own emotions true deep emotions, to the character ? In my case in my personal stories, in order to incite more, deeper, lasting emotions from the audience? 

In this book, the reader. When showing action or dialog only is better? In case of very heavy emotions, troubled mind. When go inside and tell feelings and thoughts? That study goes on for 200 pages. I read only the first three chapters so far.

23 years ago, when I begun to study how to write and different aspects of stories, I was first revolted. What? Manipulate the reader's emotions? Now, I think, we speak to persuade of something we believe strongly, so of course we need to study how. Inspire. Leave lasting experience.

As much as we can.

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