28 Sep 2017

Feedback : Offering, Accepting

I love my morning café. "J'adore". With passion.

I write this at 10 am and still did not had my coffee. So be aware. 

I did wake up today at 4, dressed, had something to eat, just not really time to make myself a café. 

Today, the first online contest I organised, the first online contest we had in my club where I am VPE.

So I begun offering last week a Funny Bones workshop, to give courage. It worked. 5 contestants in one contest, 6 in the TT contest. 2 Chairs, all judges where present too as the TK, Counter, etc. We had a problem "how the Zoom breakout rooms will work?" They did! 

Not because of me. We have between us good fée who did all. And with time, I will learn. In all, I am happy I was not the one judged, nor a judge but only a Chair and organiser. That is my auto-feedback: learn before the time, not last minute.

Now, back to pathways. Of course, Feedback is important. Feedback in telling, Feedback in writing, even, after all Feedback that the Judges vote give. 

I love that in the Pathways, the feedback received is as important as the one given. In a wonderful way, we are explained how to listen, then later only reflect on it, and take what we want from it, after "cooling down" and add to it our own evaluation of what and how we did. Then only, incorporate it to the next time. 
How to receive feedback in fact is as important, or almost? as how to give it. Here different ways of giving it, but of course so much can be said about "how to"!
Instead of saying "Speak lauder" to tell "I could not hear you well alas all the time".
Making it personal, instead of preaching. I give "advice" sometimes, alas. It all depends of course how you do it.

In every case, after any of us incorporated the advice given (one at least) in the next time we speak, we tell the same or a similar one, we begin to understand how important it is to offer a feedback that the one we give to can incorporate, use.

With the project 2 from Level 1 that exist in all path, we understand, we learn, and we can apply. Like now I learned to drink first my morning café then only...

End of September, soon time to harvest. Our next club meeting, in Witty Storytellers will be about the time of harvest festivals. But before that will be visiting other clubs. 

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