24 Sep 2017

Every day, another online club meets

Every day, I could go and assist to another online club that meets, from London, my living room, even if they open the meeting in a very different country or continent. 

I stay always home, only go twice a month, Wednesday evening in the next small town, inside London. The club former president comes to take me there with his car.

Using this fake background, which is a true background: curtains from my bedroom. 

Monday, is West Canada: Virgin Islands: Royal Roads TM club "remote access". 

This Monday, they offered me time for a speech. They are so friendly, each time!

At Witty Storytellers Online
Brian has begun to speak about Pathways, long before both of us begun it through linking remote to a club in the Pilot program.

He has many D.T.M. and wanted to discover something new.I will make my first longer Pathways speech "prepare to speak professionally" there. 

In Dublin, I did speak, tell stories and made laugh 1h ½ this should work too. I also made a keynote speech, in Scotland, Air, some time ago, and while it did go well, and was paid, it is not really my coup of tea. Nevertheless, I will try to make it the best possible. And told my story about how the war caught up to me in Manchester before 500 in the town hall. But every speech is a new challenge.

At Witty Birds
Tuesday, Witty Birds pre-charter club  for new Toastmasters, I have given there an Pathways Icebreaker already and hold many roles. For me 2 PM.

In each of those clubs, some Toastmasters are also in Firebirds Collective and in Witty Storytellers online. Now working to create also something different, attracting new people to the online community and/or the Toastmasters organisation. 

Even if Witty Birds begin in Uzbekistan, and Royal Roads in Canada, many members are from different parts of the world. Manila, Indian Malaysia and so on.

Wednesday, meet my two clubs in Arlington, where I participate remote. Noon for them, for me it is 5 pm. Each meeting meets at alternative week. (Plus my ground club 7:30)
At Emperor Online Toastmasters

Thursday, are our meeting in the club created by Svetlana and me, with many helping in to make it happen. I am VPE, of Witty Storytelling online, organising the online meetings for more then a year now. The first Speciality club 100% online, every 2nd and 4th week.  

Now, they they are more speciality clubs online, but only our club specialises, so far, in Personal Storytelling and Humour.

Friday, meets Emperor Online TM all the way from Manila in Philippines, at 2 pm for here, in London, it is also international, it's president Zaldy now finished Level 2 of his path: they are already in a Pathways Region 14. The picture just above is my visit to them, telling about my Pathways journey.

Saturday, early morning Global Trainers Online that just chartered, where I learned yesterday, to point when needed to the Timekeeper to show for a few seconds. Already two new members joined since chartering. 

At Buddies
Early afternoon Buddies, one of the first 100% online clubs. It was as I know, the first for new to Toastmasters. Yesterday, what a wonderful adventure! We listened to two new members, who discovered only recently Toastmasters: wonderful personal stories! She stood and told us that once, she could not speak. "But I found out, finally, it was the problem was in my mind, changing my mind, fixed the problem." She also learned to breath, let air come in. Three pm here.

At the meeting, we had someone who learned about it 2 hours before, so happy to participate, another wanting to become Toastmaster and learn to speak, a great Icebreaker standing on his feet while speaking without notes, and so much more!

Sunday, Firebirds Collective meeting, every week I go whenever possible, once in the morning, once in late afternoon. Soon begins. 

There are many others by now, in different time zones, but I will not wake up at 2 am and alas, can not go to all of them. At one of our last meetings, Brian Dodd remembered: "we dreamed to have a club meeting online, every day!" then added "soon there will be every hour one online or remote access meeting". Of course, but for the moment, as we are not so many, we do know rather well each other's club, and it is nice. Friendly. 

When this blog pops up, I will be in a meeting, One of the two early morning meetings in clubs I am member. All this clubs helped me go faster, and, when I needed, offering me to speak without too much delay. 

It is up to me to prepare well, after studying the task, create my story. Of course, as a personal storyteller, I do not give speeches, I offer stories. Even when I will speak about the research. I found my subject, but as did not read enough about it, did not yet program when and where to deliver. Probably a Saturday, in two weeks. 

Life is exciting! 

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