8 Sep 2017

Reflections on my path

I should find something clever to say, but only details come to my mind: two notebooks filled in 5 month. What was  most important for me: it gave me a new goal, new horizons, new learning.

Continuing to feel very alive at 83 is the most important thing my first path brought to me.

Yesterday, as I come home, the driver told me "I will take perhaps a new hobby, now at age 66: will begin to read. Till now, in my whole life, I did not read more then 5 books."

I did not say anything, I was so stunned.

Indeed, there are those who do not read, really not read. I think,

As for me, I read about 5 books every week from the time of 7 i read a lot, it is one of my favourite things to do.  For sure every month of my life i read a lot without counting of course. Some books had to be savoured slowly, others have many pages, others are very entertaining.

Beside the projects of Pathways in my Path, a lot of pages for each one, I did read material found through Google about each subject, looked at videos and did buy more then 5 books (and not only through Kindle) in the last 5 month. And discovered also interesting images in my Researches.

Perhaps, the most important for me was that I understood somehow differently my own life crisis points, changes in my life, bigs and small one's too. I am not on other paths but one day, will come back to this one and do it in different manner.

Each level, lead to new discoveries, some frustrations and a lot of joys. Will tell about it one by one.

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