14 Sep 2017

Electives at level 5 to chose from

As you see, again, we have many choices for the elective project. The  non elective was for me more difficult, to chose a personal vision, to plan goals, give timeline. Firstly, my first vision, even if I found it already at the end of level 1 was not depending on me, and had to decide to do what does depend on me and I am doing it. Second, I usually do not write down my goals in detail...

The elective for me was easy: I really wanted to learn about how to Moderate a Panel discussion, and beside all the useful material I found in the Project, I also read a great book on Kindle about it.

As it stands, already two Panels I moderated, each had its ups and downs, but I will not stop.

I left, Prepare to speak professionally (in "real word" already done it a few times and was paid) to the next path level 5, which is all about preparing to it. In some path other electives come in too.

As we advance in levels, the length of preparing for the project gets longer, the task ask more of us.

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