17 Sep 2017

I was asked: who will be "Advanced" now?

Perhaps this could help as I found it through an Article linked to Pathways FAQ. 

Completing Level 1 is for sure not yet equivalent to CC, if your club calls itself "Advanced Toastmaster" but Completing Level 2 is equivalent to CC, if we look at it as in DCP one point is added or by 2 CC or by 2 Level 2's. 

Then, it becomes more complicated, as there is need of 2 times Level 3 for one ACB or ALS, and 1 Level 4 or 1 Level 5 for one ALS or CL or DTM.

This is what is needed to become in Pathways DTM, Distinguished Toastmaster.
Completing two paths and a DTM project
Serving as club officer 12 (and not 6 month)
Serving as club Mentor AND club Sponsor (or..)

Serving as a District Officer a Year, or if I understood as Pathways Guide (or Ambassador) for the 6 month as Pathways reaches the District, helping at least 10 clubs to start.

I am not sure I want a second or third DTM in fact, I did stop at the second Advanced Communicator Gold that I finished, as I swear to myself, never ever one more CL ! Not that I do not take a lot of those roles, I just don't fancy that new manual that dropped on our heads after I begun TM second time.

But, yes, I am happy to be a club Sponsor, just begun and also a club Mentor to an yet unchartered club in the future possible. As I am in one District where I could be a year Area Governor, and in another "Undistricted Online" where I could only be Guide or Ambassador, I am still asking myself "which"?

My legs, will they permit me to go to 10 clubs in London?
Will we have Guides for Online Clubs?

I am sure that I could help, I would like to meet again clubs and members!

I become from Friday, Visionary Communication Proficient, even if my VPE did not yet put on the award to the Club Central, it will come. I am already at Level 4 of my second path, Presentation Mastery: today will have a fun presentation "Managing Difficult Audience": four members interrupting me! I should learn to handle, I hope I will do as in Standup Comedy that went well for me. I also prepare for Thursday, a "Funny Bone" workshop Online.

My last project from Level 4 will be thus about "hackling" but I am sure, I will try it a few more times, as being hackled can be funny, if we find the right answers fast of course. I did realise that Table Topics helps to do it.

Meanwhile, I am struggling with my original presentation for today as it is in Keynote (Apple Presentation Software) and as I go I realise that I do not know it enough. I finished my slides yesterday, then later on, I discovered, I could direct my Mac laptop presentation from MacPad and even see the next slide (or notes) on the macpad : exciting! If and when I learn to do it well. 

There is also a project "Learn Presentation Software" in Pathways, that I did not yet learn or done, thinking "I know that!" Well... for next time. I do hope by then I will indeed know better.

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