19 Sep 2017

Visionary Communication Proficient

Yesterday, almost by an afterthought, I went to look in my Base Camp folder called Badges. 

Here it is what I did found.

It may be only an image, but I find it not too bad finally. Do all "proficient" badges look alike, or are they all different, depending on the path?

Could be different, because this gives an impression of "vision" of look farther. Did I learn to look farther in the last six month? What did I really learn? 

Even if I did not go as far as I aspired at the beginning, and I realised that I have gone as far as I could, depending on me. I gained friends and knowledge. 

How did I gain "knowledge"? 

Some, by reading and listening and looking. Most, I did overcoming obstacles. Overcoming frustrations. Overcoming roadblocks. All let me grow, and be able to help.

From now on, I can better help others getting through their obstacles when they begin and also giving some useful practical tips.

Here how I finished the last level of the Visionary Communication path, with my last task, Reflect on your path delivered Friday to an online club, from London, all the way to Manila, Philippines. 

Three tasks at this level. "Develop your vision " was the most difficult between them. Get all the way up the sky, as far as you want is relatively easy, get down to the earth to what can really be done, do what is possible now took longer. I did like clinging between the clouds. 

The easiest and more pleasant was to chose between the Elective tasks, I begun there, and then decided that I will do it again and again, whenever possible. I got the taste to Moderate Panels.

The most important, I think is the last one, and I will speak about it in another, next post: Reflect on your Path. Also, I can already give the secret, as I see it this morning: there were the difficulties overcome that gave me after all most for the future. 

I received this ? No, I got instructions how to print it home, how to save it on my computer. 

I am now "PROFICIENT", at least how to go through a path and through its obstacles. Enjoy it. Learn from it. Speak about it and do new things. In some ways, "think differently".


Unknown said...

In my search for information on the Visionary Communication path, i stumbled upon your blog. Congratulations on your achievement!

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

Thank you Darryl!