22 Sep 2017

Old people can and does

From the first Level achieved to earning these badges bellow, it was a long and interesting road, path I went with help when needed from fellow toastmasters, like Matthew, and also many online clubs opening their doors to me, even when I was not member. Yes, I was in two 100% Online clubs already and, at the beginning one Remote access in Arlington, plus near me. Now two more.

But to get from there to here, and if you look at some badges, I got that level twice already, it was also work. Discovery or reminder, sweet and pleasure. Communicating is a craft, in my opinion, and one has to work at our craft without stopping.
A small number 2 (or 3) shows only how many times "achieved", completed the Level
and instead of Level 5 I got "Proficient" for Visionary Communication

Without stopping at any age, yes now over 83. Age does not count. Never stop learning!.

I begun computers discovery in 1973, had my hands on the first terminal in 1977, and made my first program in basic, called AppleSoft then on Apple 2 in 1982. Some time passed, I never got good at scripting, a milder way of programming, but I begun teaching early "not be afraid of the mouse" by drawing on Macintosh for elderly. They loved learning while having fun!

Yesterday, after my "facilitation" about humour in my online toastmasters club, called Humour Workshop, a young, talented and hard working member wrote "I learned how much one can learn in an enjoyable environment". Even if Smedley said it too, he did not invent it, and I did not wait to hear  about him to understand.

When you dare to try, to play, to go for it, you learn faster, more as if only playing. At any age.

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