27 Sep 2017

Base Camp and Club Central are not (yet) connected

When we finish all the projects of a Level, one of the Base camp managers, VPE or the President or the Secretary of the Club, declared as Base Club at that moment, if we are in more then one club, has to "approve" it. Only then the Level is seen as achieved and can we begin a new level.
This image shows the levels 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 achieved - in the Base Camp. Also achieved is the Prepare to Speak Professionally project : I did speak Monday and answered yesterday to the last "after self evaluation" questions. I may be repeating it again a few times, but that is not in the project. Still two task to go: selecting one of the five proposed Elective Projects and then Reflecting on my Path.

I went this morning to the TMI website: it is up again! Looked at my awards. Got very surprised that nor the Level 3 or 4 of Presentation Mastery path was recognised yet for me.

Why? I know why! Because I changed the club to whom i wanted to offer it, and the VPE did not know or did not put it in yet, thinking: "I approved it in the Base Camp!"

Is it not enough? No, it is not enough. Even if in the base camp you may see even badges like this:

That does mean, I did achieve two times level 3 and two times level 4. Got a 2 near the level achieved, for two different path. It does not say which path... It does signify Achieved 2 times.

My Achievements in Toastmasters International do not reflect it. Yet

One has to go to the Club Central, TMI Website and declare the Achievement for the member again, after they were accepted in the Base camp.

That is what this post is about. For the new base camp managers and all those already on the pathways to remember. Each level for each of us has to be accepted in Base Camp then Declared in the club central too.

To declare in club central, once you are in there, no need for dates or titles as for a CC or an ACB, just declare which Level for Whom one wants to declare. Then not only the member got the Award but the club has also one more point, as for example for the level 4 (I believe even for the 3). It takes 4 Level 1 and 2 Level 2 to get a DCP point for the club. In my opinion, this makes Level 2 equivalent to CC. In fact, there are not "equivalences" as in Pathways our projects, our tasks are not separated, communication or leadership, they are together.

I am not off to read a new book to learn better storytelling by adding more in-depth emotion to them. Then, I will be able to give a speech for the Research and speak about it project, end of Level 1 on my LC path. More easy to get time for a 5 to 7 minute speech about what I will find, combined a bit with knowledge of the many many books about Story Telling already read, even if it takes lot of time to prepare for it,: I will read 200 pages of the book before.

The Panel discussion, my elective for the level 5 of Presentation Mastery: I need to find a club accepting my 20 or more minutes! And of course, find the panelists, prepare them. Will find it too, but not for the moment.

It is contest time everywhere, and I am Contest Organiser and Chair. Also, organising the meeting, and yes, of course online. By the way, Organise an Online meeting is also a Pathways Project, only not just now one I have to face or do for my paths.

Another time, will be Harvest Time!

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