11 Sep 2017

Level 2 : yes - but not in a box!

Understanding your leadership style is important, but we have many styles combined and using them when needed, depending on the situation. It took me time to understand that the words used are not important, nor what style the test tells me I have. The important is to reflect on our styles and how it developed and use them as the situation ask for it. Be flexible.

As for the Communication Style, again, I felt I am not "that" or "that" but a combination and did not like either the strange names, for me, given to them. A research gave me other communication styles that I understood better, but here again, important is with whom we do communicate and how we change our 'style' enough to understand each other. 

Research, helped me in each case to go through it the first time around, and now I have ideas to tell about my first ever work that required "leading" others, how it went and what I learned from it. 

Leading and communicating are very much linked together in fact. 

As for mentoring, in this project we have to speak about how we felt when someone did mentor us...  

The best thing about this level when I finished the first time is that it lead me to level 3 which I adored. So many interesting projects to choose from, beside the required one! One more interesting and more useful then the other.

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