21 Sep 2017

Adding humour or finding humour?

You are also all invited to our workshop, online. See in the picture how to join. 

So many talents from so many continents meet in an online club! See, what our President, also VP PR and very talented designer just created? 

I do believe, you do not have talent to make people laugh, or tell stories, but to make this kind of flyer, you do need talent for sure! To use our funny bones, our humour inside us, we mostly need to practice laughing for all the unhappy things that arrive to us. Laugh of our own problems, help also take some of the burden out from our shoulders. My standup comedian workshop teacher called it "look at life with comedian's eyes".

Not to win contests, not even so much to make laugh in clubs in and outside toastmasters, mostly to lighten our life. 

I will not write now "all", but from 7 to 77 I did believe I am just not funny. 
Then, my storytelling audience begun to laugh at some of my - sad - stories, and I begun to be more playful as I loved it. Decided to take workshops. To read books. To try it out. 

When one does not use it, one loose it. Perhaps true, but I begun using, trying, practicing. Learning. After the third workshop, I went out alone to the Standup Comedy circuit and, at the beginning, was happy with 6 laughs in 5 minutes. After a while it did build up to 36 and lauder and longer. Taking out what did not work, adding new material little by little, I developed longer repertoire and being paid to be filmed. 

I love to demonstrate to all how they can improve their skills in humour. There are techniques and tips as in all kind of craft. And of course, then one has to try out what does work and to which audience. 

One does find the humour in what happens to us, around us, it is possible.

What better way to celebrate my first Path and the first anniversary of the Witty Storytellers Online club then with this workshop. 

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