10 Sep 2017

Research in Level 1 become my "vision"

When I did chose to research Change together with Pathways, I did not know yet a lot about any of them and wanted to learn more. All along the Visionary Communication path, I continued learning also about both and together, and finally, I realised that it become my next goal.

Also, I realised, that along the way, I did a lot towards speaking about writing about pathways, to bring a smoother change and transition; as much as one member of 300 000 can do of course.

I will have to get a bit farther from all to be able to understand my impact, but for now I feel confident that I did so far what I could and that I will not stop at the end of the path with my vision, and continue to write and speak about pathways and what it can and will bring us.

Tomorrow, about Level 2 experience.

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