15 Sep 2017

Reflections on your path: suggestions from the Project

At the end of each path, I am almost sure, there is a last project before we leave it, called 

Reflections on your Path.

In this project, we learn to reflect on and describe our unique experience of moving through the path, and share how your learning has affected our life in and outside of TM.

Reflect on our growth during the completion of an entire path.

At a club meeting, present a 10-12' speech, share your experience completing your path. Today!

Use it as an opportunity to reflect on how far I have come, the skills learned and celebrate. 

The speech can be humorous, informational, or any style that supports your speech content.

Describe your experience moving through a path, in detail. Would never finish, if did this.
Share how the learning has impacted your life outside of Toastmasters. Do I have one ?
Compose a well-organized speech. Demonstrate strong public speaking skills. 

What you learned while completing this path?

It might be helpful to use a technique like stream of consciousness. Write down everything that comes into your mind and remove items that do not apply when you finish. I do like this method.

This four points, very important and they go together indeed. 

The advice you would give to a new Toastmaster
How you would help someone who is just starting their first path
The obstacles you faced and how you overcame these obstacles

The advice I will give, depends on the obstacles, me and those who begun almost the same time as me had to overcome and how we did help each other

Look back at the feedback you received as you progressed through your path. define the impact of the learning on your life.

Use the following exercises to help you reflect on your journey.
Journal/ or a Letter to Yourself/ or a Timeline or Stream of consciousness; Draw a timeline of when you started your Toastmasters journey, major events and experiences on the timeline, and your accomplishments along the way.

Then, develop a plan to continue your progress! of course, already done it!

Let your accomplishments be your starting point instead of a culmination

By building on what you have learned and looking for opportunities to share your new knowledge, you add to your expertise and benefit the people around you. Will try.

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