7 Sep 2017

Is it true? Does it matter?

I was in Paris, and strolled after lunch till the corner and looked around. Here what i suddenly discovered in the windows of a pub. Where the cook wanted to take his time! not to be rushed.

Not easy to translate all they do ICI (here) but preparing a meal takes time and there is a lot to do! As it is most of time, when we prepare a project... 

At the end, in another window of the same restaurant, (the first list was so long I had to take it in two) it is written: I love and in cooking, what is made with haste is made badly. 

So, most of the time, we do have to take our time and savour.
A good food, making love, and preparing a speech after a project.

Sometimes, hasty can be not nasty but wonderful too, and then we do it again and again.
I begun to create Panels, Zoom Panel, that went well, Pathways Panel, a bit to hasty, and will continue others. There is more then one kind of food and one kind of Panel or Pathway Project.

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