9 Sep 2017

Level 1 : My icebreaker got better each time

At the beginning of the third path, I got to add sounds and sights and emotions, too the question "why I found, how I did find Toastmasters" even if, the first time was in 1977 winter. I did succeed to add to the story "body" not only bare bones.

I was waiting for the Icebreaker to be considered finished the first time, then Matthew come to help me out: I did not click on each answer for "Evaluating before and Evaluating After" which does signal to the Base Camp that you did finish your project.

Want to finish faster? Answer all questions the Base camp ask you - or the HQ through it. I am not sure, anyone looks what did you tell, but for sure, verify if you did answer or not. Processing all data is not easy but will be done with time for sure.

The second project is in fact three under the same title, all leading to understand the importance of a good feedback.

x Giving a speech, any type of 5 - 7 minutes and listening carefully to ALL feedbacks received
x Analysing feedbacks, deciding what to improve, give the SAME speech (or another)
x Offer an Evaluation that can help improve the speech of someone else now

From that time, I did repeat many times a project speech, improving it.
I also tried, not easy : isn't it? to listen to feedback without protesting, and then after a time, as I cooled down as sometimes we do need, taking the essence and try to improve on it.

All this can be done and applied even if your club is not yet in pathways!
A professional speaker, a standup comedian, a storyteller, does tell the same story many times!
Sometimes, it gets a buddy evaluation, other times in a TM club, or just from the audience reaction.

The last project of the level 1 is Research that changed my view of my life even, as I discovered two books about change. I realised that before anything new, an end comes then a period of transition.

I also got used to Google images, videos, news, books, about all subject for the further projects.

The level 1 is indeed fundament of all that comes and as path come and go, I appreciated it more and more. The second speech giving me freedom "tell what you want" then the next carefully improving on it. And I even got a "best evaluator" ribbon in one of my clubs lately for what I said in public and lots of thanks for what I added in the break. Learned to look up to the speaker and rarely to my paper to jet down some notes, so the speaker feels you do listen.

Hope, this post opens a bit the cloud from Level 1. Same for all path. Never same for us.

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