14 Feb 2018

7 clubs visited, 10 Pathways Presentations delivered

Behind me, 7 from my 10 clubs visits and presentations delivered. I learned again, the diversity of our clubs and the enthusiasm of members, some just joining others long timers needing a new elan that Pathways will give them. Three more to go next week.

I have given 10 presentations in fact. One - the very first was a Rehearsal presentation I gave to one of my clubs and got great advice on how to try to put all in three points I tell before and after, so it is easier to absorb. And two others Officer Training Events.
1. What stays the same - 2. What changes- 3. What we can do now
It worked well, each time all was left to me. Ex. in the officer training event. 
We have many slides to show, this one is one I like a lot as we go from club to club.
One of my preferred slides / Of course showing it when possible too is even better
When delivering the presentation that was send to Guides, with time, instead of my part, 15 pages (then guide's 15), after passed through feeling overwhelmed  I finally understood and summarized them. As I usually learn, all the way back to my university days, shorter and shorter summaries  Now, it is just on a page of a small carton that I even do not have to hold any more in my hand. 

As with anything, the beginning was the hardest, plus it was the club farthest away. With 2 h go and late at night 2 h come home. I was lucky to had a wonderful woman with me, while changing trains and even got to see me home before returning to her daughter. In plus, with time, she warmed up more and more to the Pathways educational program. 

In our district, we all go out to visit clubs in pairs. One Guide and one Ambassador. Two voices in duo for each club. Not all the clubs get the same duo! I am going out with three different "other". I feel that did teach me, perhaps even them a lot in itself. Learned how different team work, how others think, prepare each in different ways, how we can distribute who does what. 

I am not sure to be the easiest to work with, but as for me, I do appreciate all three of them. As the time goes and they have now delivered their Pathways Icebreaker, I have seen their enthusiasm growing. Their appreciation of me, having already three path behind me grew too. At least it seemed to me.

I explain, in the clubs :"do not count to finish as fast as I did, I am now a full time pathways addict and had been for almost a year." Beside, I am not in one or two clubs: I am member in seven for now. Of course, I do not add to it that I do deliver to three more too where I am club coach or club visitor and helper. 
Real path and levels with some of the electives: Launch I opened already and some delivered
How did it come to be member of so many clubs? Three 100% online, I will have to remain as well as my land based one I have been since 2009. But the others... too much time. Even if being member of so many let me speak a lot and advance fast.

Pathways did Revitalize - me these 11 month, not only Toastmasters Educational Program. And as I am delivering, visiting, pairing, and need of future plans, I understand better and better all that the paths and projects I passed by tried to teach me.

Waiting for next week to finish the last three club visits, then to plan - yes! now I begin to understand the need to plan, workshops, meetings, zooming, and revisits for the next month to come. See the pathways unfold after it does arrive to us, first in my land district, then to my online clubs, two month later. 

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