4 Feb 2018

Focus on positive: officer training

That is the second time I speak about Focus on Positive Project that I begun in November. Yesterday, I spoke again how much it helped me since, how much I needed it since I chose it inside my Effective Coaching Electives. 

It does really help me to change suddenly how I think then how I feel about something. And yesterday, after the Area Officer Training, I really needed it again. 

We met at 12 am : one hour before the Area Officer Training event: Samir the Guide and Julie the Ambassador, to decide in details how we will present.

"It is a workshop" Samir told me, let us show more from Base Camp as usual. As he is past Area Director in that area, we decided he will begin and speak more this time. And after he presented alone, we begun to work together: I showed sitting at the computer. Later time, I was standing and explaining and he sitting at the computer. I could login to my basecamp. Later logout, so the computer forgets my password. Begun to show, after login.

After I begun to tell about my path, the same he begun, I am about to finish, and had showed and explained my ups and downs, my adventures and yes, also about the Focus on Positive project that helped me in December to accept with grace what hurt me at the beginning.

Finding the positive from what happens, helps to go farther. Leave behind, the problem that at the beginnings seems huge and hurts, and step to something new.

At the end of my presentation I wanted to show a delightful video, from Inspire the audience project. We could not find it, with the computer linked to the video projector, we could not see the arrows left and right and use them. It felt to me as a personal failure. 

It took some time to remember, how many useful tips I told before that and more important, remember the discussion with Presidents and VPE present to the training, telling me "I will begin as soon as it arrives!" or "I will try Icebreaker now! and show then to those in my club" or "I love the new program, I will be able to use it in my work". 

In Break at the first Officer training I assisted with 2 Areas
Those are the results of our presentation and that is what I should remember. The rest, fades slowly from my heart and even my memory, the only lesson is try and try and try out! Whenever possible, before. This time it was not possible to try out all, another computer and presentation was linked at the beginning, and in the pause, Samir just had the time to set up his computer, not to find how we could move inside a project. We dealt with what arrived: that is also yet another project!

Yes, by the way, the Officer Training events, this one and that in other area I presented, that I just heard, was a 'success', "does not count" as presenting to a club. So what? 

We do a lot to help and for what we believe and not to get something from it. I do believe, that presenting Pathways often in different places and gathering, is very useful to getting it accepted faster. 

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