24 Feb 2018

You said "a team"?

While finishing 11 presentations, winter become spring In London
Finally, I finished 9 visits of clubs as Ambassador and 2 officer training presentations, all I will do for a while.

My legs did not get better but I did learn so much!

Of course, I learned about presenting the same material to different clubs: in very different ways. The members are so varied, from a club to other, their need not the same.

As Pathways Ambassador, I presented with a Pathways Guide. 

In fact, I did have three different. One begun very early. We went out twice together. One time to a full room and second time they were few, but very interested! Even the guest one of them got interested to join. So in all, we did a good job. The two others, we went out many times and were together also in Officer Training, learning a lot from each other, and perhaps a lot more about what IS a team. How a team can work together.  

What an Ambassador has to say? TMI gives each of us about 15 pages of material with slides. With time, depending how much time we were given, and who were in attendance, veteran toastmasters or more guests then members, we learned how to adopt it. Depending on place, we also learned when one of us spoke mostly or the other. I could say, I learned about team work even more then different presentations! 

With time we tuned to each other and worked better and better in our team!

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