8 Feb 2018

I am a full time Pathways addict

Tip: To make less clicks, we can to to Toastmasters.org, login, then open your Profile. Here what we find! A direct "go to my transcript" ! 

By the way, I did in enroll 6 path, I do not consider Presentation Mastery twice, once Printed Material, once Web based two times. I will never go back to the printed, that I stopped after Level 2, and even gave away the manuals.

I do love the Base camp based paths! Remember?
Visionary Communication - all about change "proficient"
Presentation Mastery - all about speaking in public "proficient"
Leadership Development - all about creating events with a team "proficient"

Effective Coaching - in level 5 now, just finished HPL. Perhaps I should repeat my 2nd speech as I got a wonderful feedback about the project,a harsh feedback about speech. 

Dynamic Leadership - Level 3 : Can I consider that the result of the negotiation II obtained what was good for both? I will see the result only in 2 weeks time. So far, it seems to go in a very good direction. Indeed, the projects teach us in real environment, after we apply them, practice them. And of course, a skill like "negotiating the best outcome" is not learned after once! I did believe I was a great negotiator and inherited it through my father's experience and stories, but some are tough, others need time and persistence. And winning over the heart not only the mind. 

Motivation Strategies - L1 What a pleasure to have a path at the beginning again! As I come to understand better and better the Levels, their reason, the projects too, I get more joy and more ease to use them. It can take whatever time, I do not mind, but I will create with a team again a great event at the end! That gives a lot of work and joy too.

Do not forget: I am member in 7 clubs and a full time pathways addict

And not only putting all my time, 5 h in the morning usually and more afternoon, for my own path and events, but also helping others through by blog, by moderating Pathways discussions, and not at all the last, as VPE of an online storytelling club, Secretary for my London club, Ambassador in UK District 91. 

As Pathways Ambassador, yesterday I went to Kent Speakers the longest trip to one of my 10 clubs, and was welcomed, after a 2 hours trip very warmly! 

Johnathan, you see here in front, come to pick me up from the train's platform! Installed the projector and a huge screen, the banner, prepared the room, welcomed all the attendees. 

The meeting begun with a very interesting speech CC2 about "bosses, good and bad leadership experiences she had, a great feedback by Jon. Then after just a short pause, come our time, Karen the Pathways Guide and me. Last time, I was too tired after, and did not take a photo with Karen, so we decided to pause together in the break.

It was a great idea, to ask someone to take a photo of us in the break! After two hours of travel, one hour waiting for the meeting to begin, as I arrived early, and almost half an hour presenting, me then same by Karen, at the time the Question and Answer begun my feet begun to hurt.

At the end, together we answered very useful and interesting questions from an audience that was interested to begin as soon as they can but also hoping they could finish what they were working now. Then I felt, I could not stand any more, sit down at back, my place, and told "if you want, I can continue to answer sitting." 

As they were nice till the end and beyond, first the club members gave me their emails to stay in contact, one by one, then Johnathan took me fast to the station so I can leave still at 9:30 PM. 
The train was not full like the afternoon two trains but so empty that when a group of adolescent boys entered with noise, I got afraid. As I did not say anything of noise or words used or music and so one, they calmed down, and the controller come to see our tickets too. I was not all alone in the world! Finally, they got down. I was alone again.

Engrossed in my Kindle reading More then Blended Teaching Strategies book, I almost missed my exit station. Instead of second train, I took an UBER cab: there was no return train to my place so late in evening. Home at 11 pm, I could not sleep! 

Finally, after midnight I closed my computer and went to bed. All pictures uploaded.
Going out, seeing an interesting sky and tree, observing someone reading in the train or the bruhaha outside Victoria station for five minutes, were some of the plus of my day.

In the morning, 5 am a fast breakfast, and prepared to be Toastmaster at Witty Storytellers Online club's Pathways Love stories meeting. Wonderful stories one after the other, and so different too! After that I assisted to the first VSS I attended in 9 month. Through Zoom I learned they learned we exchanged experiences, between VPE from Australia and England, through the wonderful professional lead of Carole, Guide extraordinaire. 

I asked her: is Blog a Social Media? She answered "of course" it is and more. A lot more then just "a post". Of course, as from the first day in May, I will write every day.

Now, low time, lot of rest till Monday & Tuesday next week, when again 3 clubs to visit with two other Guides, but all three clubs nearer my place. New adventure await me. 

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